Debt Therapy Podcast

Debt Therapy Podcast

We are going to talk about the "elephant in the room" on this podcast: finances! That includes budgeting, debt management, investing--the list goes on. Let's face it, most of us were never educated on how to handle finances properly. Instead, we were told to get a job and start earning our way through life. But our money should work for us too and the only way to do that is through education.

So, pull up a chair! It's time to put it all out in the open and prepare our wallets for debt therapy!

Episode 16: Emergency Funds (12:00)
COVID-19 has brought to light that most people don't have an emergency fund. What we discuss in this episode is exactly what an emergency fund is, how to get started, and when to get started.Planning for emergencies is hard. Do you wait until debt is paid off? Do you put a little aside each month despite debts? What constitutes an emergency? All of these questions are important and are different for everyone. The important part is figuring it out for you!

Episode 15: Answering Your Questions on Financial Advisors and Planners (13:23)
In this episode, we sit down with Kim Damiani of Summit Financial Group to discuss the ins and outs of a financial advisor. She explains in details the differences between a financial advisor and planner, how to protect yourself and view records, and what things to look out for as you search for this kind of help.The most important thing to remember--a financial advisor and planner are useful at all stages of financial life! You do not have to well off to use their services. Listen to hear more about how these services can better your financial life!

Episode 14: Emergency Preparedness COVID-19 (10:23)
If you are having financial struggles, you are not alone! In this episode, we discuss famous people throughout history that also struggled with their finances and utilized bankruptcy to overcome the obstacle.

Episode 13: They Went Broke (11:45)
If you are having financial struggles, you are not alone! In this episode, we discuss famous people throughout history that also struggled with their finances and utilized bankruptcy to overcome the obstacle.

Episode 12: Chapter 13 (10:41)
A few episodes back we discussed Chapter 7 bankruptcy. So now, we are going to move onto Chapter 13. Learn exactly what it is and how it works--who knows, you may be a good candidate for it!

Episode 11: Co-Signing a Loan (11:25)
At some point in your life, a family member or friend may approach you about co-signing on a loan. We all want to help, but I advise you to use caution.

Learn what co-signing is, what it means on your credit, and things to consider before entering into a binding agreement.

Episode 10: What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? (16:49)
The dreaded "B" word--bankruptcy! So many of us believe it is the worst possible option and yet, it is sometimes the best solution that will have the least impact on your credit and financial future.

Episode 9: Resolutions (8:25)
Making a resolution is the easy part! In this episode, we discuss ways to accomplish your resolutions and how to avoid common pitfalls!

Episode 8: The Sunk Cost Fallacy (11:46)
We've all experienced that moment when you have poured time, money, and energy into something, but aren't feeling the return; and yet, we cannot walk away. This leads to many debt and credit issues down the road because we feel stopping equals giving up.

Episode 7: Holiday Spending (6:58)
'Tis the season of giving! But how do you manage your spending without taking on more debt?

Episode 6: Relationships and Money 
The 44% of divorces occur because people do not discuss money! They don't discuss it before getting married. They don't discuss it during marriage. They just don't discuss it and it becomes an emotionally charged problem.

Episode 5: Buying a Car (14:28)
Some people love car shopping, and then others despise it. In today's episode, I discuss helpful tips for trade-ins, loan terms, and some dealer tricks to watch out for!

Episode 4: Interest Rates (11:22)
Interest rates--they are a part of borrowing money. But do you know what it means and how it affects your balance? Find out what to watch out for when using credit.

Episode 3: Student Loans (16:30)
Student loans are out of control in our country. In the United States alone there are over a trillion dollars worth of student loans out there. Find out other options so your future isn't weighed down by student loan debt.

Episode 2: Stigma (15:39)
There is a stigma around money, whether it is talking about how much you make or how much debt you have. Here is the thing--I'm here to break down that stigma. More people are in the exact same boat as you than you think!

Episode 1: What is Debt Therapy (11:44)
Figuring out what Debt Therapy is all about, how it all started, and where we go from here.